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Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes questions that most often interest guests and users of this site, with the most complete answers from the support service of our company.

How long does the request for withdrawal of dividends take?

In accordance with the CrustaBot LIMITED current regulations, requests for profit withdrawal are processed manually within 48 business hours of their receipt. Most often, payments are made within a few hours.

Is it possible to enter money through one electronic payment system, and withdraw profits through another?

No, the site rules prohibit using different EPS for entering and withdrawing funds to / from the user's account.

Can I withdraw my profits at any time?

Yes, the dividends that are credited to your account are available for withdrawal at any time.

Are there restrictions on the amount of deposit?

Yes, there are. The minimum allowed deposit amount is $10, and the maximum is $500,000.

How is my account balance replenished?

To refill your account, use the wallet exclusively of the electronic payment system that our company cooperates with. The list of EPS available for transferring funds to the investor's account balance is available on the main page of the resource.

How fast is the transfer of deposit funds to my account balance?

The transfer of money from the EPS wallet to the investor's balance is usually carried out within a few minutes. The speed of funds transfer depends on the operating conditions of the chosen payment system.

How often is profit accrued?

Dividends from investment activities are transferred to investors ' accounts once every 24 hours.

How to become an investor? What are the rules for calculating profits?

After completing registration on this site, you must make a first deposit to the CrustaBot LIMITED account. then, after 24 hours, the first profit will be credited to Your account. The received funds can be withdrawn to your wallet in the selected EPS at any time suitable for You.

I'm a new user, how do I get started?

Study in detail the rules of cooperation between the company and the investor and go through the registration procedure on this site. After that, You will have the opportunity to make your first contribution to our company.

How do I complete the registration procedure?

You only need a few minutes to get the status of a registered user. First, find the "Register" button on the site and click on it. After that, a questionnaire will appear in front of You. Enter the required information in all the fields that appear on the screen. Please note that specifying false data may lead to various misunderstandings in the future, so fill out the questionnaire only with reliable information.

Can I register multiple accounts on the site at the same time?

No, the site rules prohibit the creation of multiaccounts. One user has the right to open only one account in the system. For the site administration, violation of this rule is the basis for irrevocable freezing of multi accounts together with the funds that are in those accounts.

What is your company's work schedule?

The CrustaBot LIMITED activities are carried out daily, around the clock, without breaks and weekends.

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