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Please carefully read the rules of cooperation with the LIMITED company CrustaBot. By participating in the activities of the company, you automatically confirm your age and consent to all of the following provisions.

You agree to be of legal age in your country to partake in this program, and in all the cases your minimal age must be 18 years.

CrustaBot holding attracts Internet users to cooperation only as private investors, without involving them in other positions. Each Deposit made by the investor is a private transaction between him and CrustaBot

By registering on the site you agree to the non-disclosure of all confidential and protected data, compliance with the copyright of the company on the posted materials and content of the site. Besides, the information and communications in this document are not an offer for investment, in particular for those jurisdictions that consider non-public offers/application.

All information exchanged between the investor and the company is not subject to disclosure to third parties. CrustaBot is willing to protect confidential information, but is not responsible for any loss of data caused by the user.

The client is willing to use this site exclusively in a legal way, without going beyond the legal norms of its jurisdiction.

In case of losses or unforeseen expenses incurred by the investor as a result of violations of the rules of cooperation, CrustaBot holding shall not be liable for these losses.

Participation in investment activities implies the release of other participants from any kind of responsibility. Previous investment results do not constitute a guarantee of similar results in the future. You are doing at your own risk. The investor agrees with the acceptance of the material on this web resource as an educational and auxiliary, not encouraging for certain actions.

Authorized employees of the company have the right to make changes and corrections to the rules and agreements, to change the percentage of commissions and terms of investment plans without notice to participants. Periodic familiarization with the terms of work of CrustaBot will allow you to stay informed about the current situation and is your personal responsibility.

CrustaBot is strongly against spam in any of its manifestations. It is recommended to abandon such practices in the framework of our program. The moderator has the right to reject the registration or block the account if prohibited activity is detected without explanation.

We urge you not to cause reputational damage to CrustaBot by publishing negative reviews about the holding on any online platforms. In case of any problems and questions, please contact the authorities in any available way. There may have been a technical error or the application is still in progress.

Always check with support services for information on problem issues.

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